Behind The Scenes @ SXSW Day 6

The SXSW conference officially ended on Saturday, but I spent one more day soaking up the musical goodness.

I headed out for the Proxart showcase at Lomography, a camera shop. Hi Ho Silver Oh knocked me out of my afternoon stupor with an excellent set of feedback-drenched rock. They were one of the best bands I found out about during SXSW.

The Stone Foxes performed a set of scuzzy blues rock. Unfortunately, their set had sound problems and the vocals were barely audible.
I went to go chill and take a break. A car rolled up next to me and some friends of mine from Kansas City shouted at me. We ended up at a dive bar listening to some southern rock. No rest for the wicked!

I headed back up to Lomography. Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Julie Belle closed out the Proxart showcase with an acoustic set. Her voice was smooth and her guitar playing was on point. It was a very laid back vibe.

I ventured out to try and find a house party I had heard about. I accidentally walked a mile in the wrong direction. I finally stumbled upon it in East Austin just as the sun was setting. The party was a small get-together. I spent a lot of my evening sucking down Tecate, listening to tunes and being socially awkward. The Gary Newcomb Trio played some excellent pedal-steel guitar driven country. They had the crowd waltzing in the kitchen.

I ended my time in Austin with Chicago house originator Derrick Carter at Kingdom. The house music fans were still clubbing hard, even though Kingdom seemed less than half-full. The sound system was excellent and the beats were fresh.

I knew it was time to wrap up my SXSW coverage when the guy at the table next to me was asleep.

SXSW was a life-changing experience. It is so wonderful to see great live music in so many different styles. From packed venues to tiny house parties, SXSW 2012 was truly a celebration of the glory of live, independent music.

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